This year's theme is BELONGING.

Through the theme of Belonging, TAASCON 2017 would like to encourage participants to think more deeply about Asian American identities and experiences, explore the uniqueness and potential of Asian American voices, and recognize the importance of Asian Americans to our nation’s history and society today. As each of us experience college and the places beyond, we will find ourselves attached to things beyond our physical belongings: our schools, our family and friends, our organizations, and more. The places, people, and things that we find our identities in give us a sense of belonging, an inexplicable sense of connectedness and knowing of who we are. We, as Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, are also inextricably intertwined with other marginalized groups and are neither immune to the effects of social injustices, nor can we deny the role that we play in perpetuating them. As we delve into the history, our present context, and the future hopes of our communities, we want to explore the ways in which we individually and collectively - belong.

Belongings: what we carry

Being: who we are

Longing: what we hope for


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